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Is a Decentralized social trading platform.

Enables you to copy any wallet, buy when they buy, sell when they sell.

Will be multi chain on Polkadot, BSC and Ethereum.

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Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform with automated mirror trading.

Alphr Features

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Your wallet as a social profile

Your wallet is your on-chain identity; Alphr makes it into a social profile. Every ETH wallet that trades on Uniswap already has a profile automatically generated from their trades.

Visualize Icon
Visualize the Blockchain in a whole new way

Follow wallets and see a feed of their recent transactions, so you can manually mirror trades of your choosing in one click.

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Automated Mirror Trading

Create an automated mirror pool to automatically copy any wallet.

Alphr Icon
ALPHR Token Value Capture

100% of the transaction fees are returned back to ALPHR token holders through a burn mechanism. The ALPHR token is a governance token that controls the community development fund.

Risk Icon
Risk score

Each wallet address has its own risk score based on their trading history, enabling users to make quicker and smarter decisions about which wallets to mirror.

User Incentives Icon
User Incentives

Every time a user’s trade is copied, they earn ALPHR tokens. Even if a user hasn’t claimed their Alphr profile yet they are earning rewards when being mirrored.

Save gas fees Icon
Save gas fees

Automated mirror pools route funds together in a single transaction, saving users gas fees.

Cross chain Icon
Cross chain

Starting with Uniswap and Ethereum, but soon users will be able to mirror trades on BSC, Polkadot and more.


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